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A big hello and even bigger thankyou!

OK chaps, thought it was about time I stopped lurking on the edges and joined this fantastic forum. Mainly just to say thanks for all the brilliant additional content that you chaps provide  happydance

Only just had my first game of Tanny yesterday and really really enjoyed it, I look forward to many more games!

Keep up the good work everybody, beers all round!


Cheers mate. Great to see someone new (like I'm not :p)

Lets grab a beer now and will surely talk later.


Hello and welcome to another Brit. I think that makes three of us now - one (me) down south , one from north of the border and now one from the land of the White Rose we couldn't be more spread out if we tried !!

Just a quick question - Where did you get your Gorgei from ? I'm guessing from the US as I've not seen it available on any UK site (got no FLGS in my area I'm just surrounded by GW stores). If it was a UK source - WHERE ? - TELL ME NOW !!! - its driving me nuts this waiting !!

Well, there is a tale to tell there!

I originally bought the french version from france with plans to simply print and stick the translations in the book (which I did)
Couldnt help thinking I was missing out on something with all that gobble-d-gook on the back pages though so soon as he appeared on ebay I bagged him from a US seller. You know the ironic and sickening thing? He actually worked out CHEAPER from the US than buying him from just accross the channel, meh!

Needless to say I will be buying Ramirez from the same seller soon as he appears on evilbay

On that note, I actually have the French version with translated combat packs, tokens and figure still boxed, if anyone wants him call it 6 inc postage and he is yours, failing that Gorgei becomes the first target for me to zero my new air rifle in!

On the same note, I have the French Ramirez same info and deal as above....

The French route is the way I'm going once the these latest FFG releases are out of the way. I've already got Daedalus that way ( I'm not waiting till 2010/2011 or whenever FFG gets its act together to release them).

As for Novgorod and Gorgei I've just ordered them from Infinity Games here in the UK  happydance  happydance  happydance

I've got a smile on my face that won't come off all day. The kids are going to be worried I've lost the plot when I go and pick them up from school in an hour or so.

As for zeroing in your rifle on your old french figures what a waste - I'd repaint them and use them as alternates. PM me I'll save them from that awful fate you have lined up for them, but I wont be able to do much until next week - I'm all spent out now for this week. Forum Index -> The Pub
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