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Doc Savage

A post a day

I have been trying to make at least one real post a day on this site if for no other reason than to start building up the community and to be sure to visit at least once a day.

Is anyone else up to the challenge?

Oh, and what happened with the ribbons?

Re: A post a day

Doc Savage wrote:
Oh, and what happened with the ribbons?

"Ribbons? We don't need no stinking ribbons"

I am pretty sure we need to decide how to distribute the Specific Ribbons (meaning those that are designed for specific things such as website related ribbons) and the start nominating for the more Esoteric Ribbons (meaning those given for certain deeds).

Does this post count towards my post a day?
Doc Savage



Scottie Wolfe

Hahaha the way things are going I'll be lucky if I get one post a week.  

Keep in mind that even if I'm not around, you guys can send me PMs (i usually get an email when that happens) if you guys need translations done ASAP!

Anyways, here's hopin I get some free time to catch up!
Doc Savage

Free time? I just committed to write a 15,000 word novella... But with my ankle tore up, I'm just sitting around anyway... Forum Index -> The Pub
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