Archive for Forum for the tannhauser board game.

Tannhäuser Field Ops
Talk about TOY's new non-collectable card game Field Ops here.
The Lab
Customized stuff for Tannhäuser? Post it here! Maps, Scenarios, Characters, or Equipment.
Code Breakers
Translations for Official and fan made supplements.
Area for maps.
Basic Training
Rules Questions & FAQ; Got a question on the rules of the game? Ask here.
Area for custom Scenarios.
Area for custom/fan made Tokens.
Area for custom Characters and Troops.
Miscellaneous fan made material.
Deciphered Manuals
Area for Translated Game Instruction Manuals
Deciphered Scenarios
Area for Translated game Scenarios.
Deciphered Tokens
Area for Translated game Tokens
Deciphered Units
Area for Translated game Units
Tactics Board
Have some cool combo ideas? Need some advice about a faction? Post it here.
Deciphered Fluff
Area for translated fluff and Miscellaneous material.
Deciphered Cards
Area for Field Ops Card Translations
Rec Room
Site Construction
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