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Community Character

I have always wanted to do a community character in the style Ikarus Faith from the French ToY forums.

I figure any faction would be good. Heroes or Troopers are fair game. Could I get an initial indication of what faction the community would like to see? We can investigate the details later, but an idea or two won't hurt.

This would be a community feedback based project, so please don't be shy. Any takers?
Doc Savage

Going off your note on the FFG forums, it would be nice to have a non-American Union character. English, Canadian, French. Hoax is the next Union character, yes?

What niche would be most useful? I think perhaps a close combat specialist. With some alien tech battery powered hammer or sword or claws or something.

Would like to see a British character...

What about a British Female that has been given a collar of alien tech that could change her voice into a weapon.  Codename Banshee.

Dolomite23 wrote:
What about a British Female that has been given a collar of alien tech that could change her voice into a weapon.  Codename Banshee.

can me we model her after my girl friend. Her Indian Name is

Woman Who Won't Touch My Fun Stuff

Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry  Cry

Doc Savage wrote:
I think perhaps a close combat specialist. With some alien tech battery powered hammer or sword or claws or something.

I like the combat specialist.  if it was a sword, I would think about a scottish highlander type.  maybe a secondary enhancement would be nanotech woad pant

Well I'm married to a red haired Scottish girl and she is Fierce.  So that would get my vote!

I like the idea of a returned alien abductee.  That would explain a lot! wink

Here is a thought.  Please add.

Emma (Couldn’t think of any good surname)

Maybe she was an abductee from colonial times, weary of the Americans.

First line – 7/5/5/6
Second Line – 6/5/4/6
Third Line – 5/4/4/5
Fourth Line – 5/4/4/5

Skills - Hand to hand, dexterity, mechanics, athletics

Special item – The Slaymore a laser sword (I know, its cheesy).  If the user of the sword gets more Shock Roll successes than the attacker’s Combat roll the damage is reflect back to the attacker.

Perhaps the sword gives off an eerie wail that stuns.

Dolomite23 wrote:
Maybe a secondary enhancement would be nanotech woad pant

That sounds like some kind of super diaper, not sure what you mean...

Alright, to keep this rolling let's summarize:

• European Union operative.
• A close combat specialist.
• Someone with a HtH weapon.
• Might use hi-tech.

Next thing to consider: is there an available mini to represent, or suggest, our hero/heroine.

The last couple of Star Wars minis sets have some good generic looking choices. There may be some D&D minis that might be suitable too.

Is there anyone we could use from those games as a Union combat specialist? The character could be a hero or trooper.

Let's try to avoid rare/expensive figure choices. Any Ideas?

I am sorry about spelling. I meant to say, "Woad Paint", used by Picts in the Middle ages.

What about these minis

Kalashtar Bodyguard - Night Below
Slayer of Domiel - Underdark
Wild Elf Warsinger - Unhallowed
Doc Savage

Kalashtar Bodyguard

Slayer of Domiel - looks small?

Wild Elf Warsinger

Some other choices:
From Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic:
Czerka Scientist - Common

Echani Handmaiden - Common

GenoHaradan Assassin - Common

Mandolorian Captain - Uncommon

Legends of the Force Set:
Correllian Security Officer - Common

Human Bodyguard - Common

Human Scout - Common

Old Republic Scout

Bounty Hunters Set:
Mistryl Shadow Guard

That last one is good. Paint that whip silver or black and you're in business....

I really like that last figure doc!

Since the Germans already have a whip armed character.  What if this was a hi-tec snake.  loosed to poison a victim within 4 and unavailable next turn.

Poison could be the inability to use vps or medical kits when initially damaged - and (to be really mean) for the rest of the game.  

Or when poisoned a character must be healed by another character and cannot heal on their own.

Just Brainstorming!


The last one has a weapon better suited for the matriarchy.

For the Union I like the 1st and 3rd figure.

A little thread necromancy;

ATE wrote:
Has anyone looked at the new Jedi Academy set yet. There is a common fig called an Antarian Ranger and he looks like a custom fig just waiting for some stats. I know that I am not very good at that but just thought I'd throw him out for all to see.

I really like this guy, would he work as a British, Union specialist? French resistance Trooper?

He could pass with a close enough theme for the time period.

His gun is a bit wacky.

But the jacket is similar to the flight jackets, the white interior is is closer to American, but we can let that slide. I believe most of the British jacket's interior is light brown to dark brown.

I agree that the flight jacket looks very American. Might not make a good continental operative. I don't mind more Americans. I was just thinking that most pilots of the era looked similar, but I'm no expert by any means.

The gun is a little over-sized, but it bears a passing resemblance to the Flash-Guns.
Doc Savage

I like that figure - I was looking for a close combat type. Here are some more.

Indy Clix
Natalia Cassle

Horror Clix - Base set
Razor Vixen (experienced)

Horrorclix Freakshow
Officer 7

Horrorclix - The Lab

Vlad The Impaler - just .32 cents at miniature market!

We still haven't set on anything concrete.

Any other ideas out there? I just want a general consensus of a cool character.

I vote for the Echani Handmaiden if going with a girl. Her white hair makes it very EZ to repaint to a different color, even for a novice like me. If going for a guy from Europe I say either Correllian Security Officer or Human Bodyguard as both look stylistically like people from those areas. I'm glad someone saw that Antarian Ranger post. I just think is so close to the look of the time period and such a cheap fig. (50 cent where I live).

These three starwars figs have the color of the union as well. The gear looks a little out of place but they could be a new type of trooper or minor hero.

I swear I feel like the custom character thread killer. Is anyone still interested in this? Cry

I am, ATE.  If we all agree on the concept (a female close combat Union Hero), maybe we should come up with packs or items for the character.

During WWI, British troops would make clubs, generally in large numbers for their regiment. The club is made from turned hardwood and pressed with hobnails. The head has been drilled out and filled with lead.

When in the trenches, guns were quite useless in hand to hand, bayonets could also be troublesome, rifles was too long to use in the close combat fight, or was difficult to pierce through trench coats.

So they created these skull bashers

1 automatic would in the even of 1 successful hit.


You ever hear of the Jew Bear? I like that as a close combat weapon. Maybe she wanted to be a cricket player before the war hit home.

ATE wrote:
You ever hear of the Jew Bear? I like that as a close combat weapon. Maybe she wanted to be a cricket player before the war hit home.

Just saw that movie.  razz

That was a baseball bat.

This is a piece of wood with metal and led.

BTW Ikarus Faith (and most of the community fueled tokens) were not really created by the community. It was one member posting a full recap of the character/token concept and then other members testing it and giving their advice about it. At least that's what happened with IF, Twin Strike and all the scenarios. Forum Index -> The Lab
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