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Scottie Wolfe


Have you guys played the DOOM board game?  It's very similar to Tannhauser!  You can make scenarios too!

The cool thing about it is that you can change the game board every time you play, because it uses tiles.  

I still prefer Tannhauser, mostly due to the fluff material, but DOOM is another great game if you're looking for something similar
Doc Savage

I haven't tried Doom as it seemed too similar to Space Hulk which I own  a lot of... Are they really different?
Scottie Wolfe

Hmmm y'know, I have no idea what Space Hulk is. lol

I'll look into it...

I am stunned and shocked  eek  eek

You've never heard of Space Hulk ???

Think "Aliens" (the film) set on a spaceship in Warhammer 40K universe. I think that just about sums it.

There are plenty of sites out on the net dedicated to this excellent old game. Board Game Geek is probably the best place to start but since your fluent in French check out the French sites as well.

hope this helps
Scottie Wolfe

Hmmm interesting, it seems like DOOM is pretty much the same as Space Hulk lol... well, there are variations here and there... but same concept.  Of course, DOOM is nicer looking, but that doesn't matter to most.

Love DOOM tough it's a pity it's not so attended by FFG as Descent. Still it's a great game to have and play. Especially if you can get past the "Marine vs. Hell only" conception. I rather like to play it as if it was some kind of Alien. It's that the invaders (the bud guys) are known and they attack in many places (not just the borin Mars UAC research base) and marines are sent to deal with them. Addin new monsters, new skills andmuch new stuff smile

Waht's you idea for the game?

I love Doom. Got the main game and expansion, as you would expect from FFG all good qual gear. Get a few mates round, plenty of snacks/tea/beer and your guarenteed a fun evening full of chuckles.

If you have played Descent then its basically the same but with plasma guns and chainsaws  wink

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