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Scottie Wolfe


So has anyone played Dust?  I think Doc does, right?

Sure I could ask in the FFG forums, but seeing as you guys are TH lovers like me, I was just curious if anyone of you enjoy it and if it's worth purchasing...
Doc Savage

No Dust board game for me, it doesn't have the appeal for some reason. However, I'm sure the Dust Tactics minis will tempt me.

Although the theme of Dust does entice me, the fact that all I see when reading the description is a Risk variant doesn't put it anywhere near the top of my list of games to get. As Doc mentioned, Dust Tactics does have some desirability ...

Own it, never played it, but dust tactics is interesting as Doc and Mal said.

When is dust tactics comming out?

Getting Dust for Christmas off the parents - how do I know ? I had to order it and get the cash back off them. Gaming stores are full of weirdos so they say - but that means I'm one too I say and they don't trust the internet either. Same goes for the ex wife I had to order my presies from my kids ( Firefly/Serenity stuff for those that are being inquisitive)

As for Dust Tactics I think that has stalled what with Rackham having it's difficulties and DT planning on using AT-43 rules under liscence. I do like the look of the DT figures but I'm sure I read somewhere that the figures are planned to be either 1:35th or 35mm scale which blows out them being compatable with Tannhauser, which would be a real shame if true.
Doc Savage

Dust Tactics is to be 35mm. The humans will be too big to be compatible with Tannhauser, but all the weird stuff should be fine. I am still looking for a prepainted replacement for my Doktor Moeller character...

I will be combining selected Dust stuff with AT-43 figures in some kind of as yet to be designed hybrid minis system that may use Heroscape terrain...

tomodachi6874 wrote:
... Same goes for the ex wife I had to order my presies from my kids ( Firefly/Serenity stuff for those that are being inquisitive).

More Browncoats is always a good thing!

That's all part of my devious plan. I'll corrupt my kids slowly - started with Star Wars got them hooked good and proper. Moved on to the new Doctor Who - we're winning on that front. Will get around to Firefly/Serenity and the new Battlestar as when they get old enough to appreciate it. Have also been working on my nieces and nephews. My sister in law just shakes her head in despair when the conversation turns to Star Wars my brothers make great allies on this topic.

And as for Christmas all the kids are always just as interested in my "strange" presents as their own. Whats that you've got Daddy/Uncle Ian is a great hook to keep "my cunning plan" rolling along. twisted

Getting Dust this year they'll love all the little figures and stuff. Which will lead nicely on to games like Tannhauser. Kids just love little figures and I always show them my latest purchases.
Scottie Wolfe

Just make sure they don't break you're cool new toys lol

I had a kid knock a board game over one year and then he SAT on it.   confused

By the time anyone noticed, the box was nice and f*cked up lol

Great game with simple rules which complicates it cause you have like 100 diffrent options each turn :D Love the mini tanks.

I herad that it's based on a comic book (didn't have a chance to get one) and ppl complain that it's just the name burrowed from the comic (and some art), that the game lacks the "spirit", no names, places... it's pretty anonymous....

Haven't heard about the tactic system.. will have to browse for some infos.

The comic is out of print in the individual issues but there is a collected paperback edition that was out last year printed by Image. Artwork is excellent , story is a bit short but the background fluff fills out the book nicely.

You can get it here - cheapest I've found in the UK :

Or your local comic book store should be able to back order it.
If you try a amazon type web store do a search for Paolo Parente - it will be a lot quicker than searching for Dust.

Dust is a great! We are playing it next game night and I look forward to it!

We've played a couple of times and it's an interesting take on a risk type game, best with 3 or 6 players because of the set up areas. The mini's are cool and the artwork is great.

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