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Scottie Wolfe

Favorite games?

What are some of your favorite games of all time?  Why?  Do you still play them?

One of the first that pops into my head is "Full Throttle" for the PC.  That game became an addiction for me back in the 90s... man, I must have finished it like... 20 times lol  Such a great game.  

Not to mention the soundtrack!  MY GOD, the soundtrack was awesome.  Ended up buying the Gone Jackals' "Bone to Pick" CD because its' songs were featured in-game.

You guys ever play it?

Yes, Full Throttle - that nice quest from Lucas Arts! I also like the other one - Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis - this game like a damn good movie!

As to take from more modern - Baldur's Gate (1,2), Icewind Dale, Arcanum. Yes, I'm an RPG fan. And very often I'm listening to the music from these games - very nice, I should admit.

There is so few games nowadays that can be really interesting - stunning graphics "cannot win the day" for me - the good storyline - it is more important, to my mind.

Scottie Wolfe

I definitely agree.  While we are all spoiled with good graphics, it seems like most games bank on them too much to sell themselves.  A game with a genuinely good story is hard to come across these days

Yes, alas, the main stream of games nowadays - commercial projects  Cry

But sometimes, when a new developer comes to the videogame market - it makes some pretty good things to play! But, again, this company - or will be merged by such monster as EA, Blizzard etc. and make "serial product" or will die.

Business takes upper hand in this situation over the gamer's interest.

Thus, I like to play old games - they are much more interesting than most modern ones. Forum Index -> Arcade
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