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Friends list (scroll) update

At the bottom left of your screen is a little scroll bar of TannBunkers friends (still in the works)

Each image is linked to a site

Savage Tales
And Scottie Wolfes blog

I just need help with logos and icons

image sizes are

Width: 130
height: 72
Scottie Wolfe

I don't quite see what you mean...  

Although I see the same stuff in the scrolling thing below the main TH image.  For my blog... well, you can just you my avatar (it's Wolf, so it's almost meant to be lol)

Yup, I moved it to the upper left corner, I still need to change images and links (soon to come)
Scottie Wolfe

Hmmm so what happened to this?

It is gone for now due to a code error, but will be up again soon. Forum Index -> Feedback
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