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Guns adding Combat Value

While reading the Panzertroopen made by The_SunDance_Kid it struck me again. I wanted to ask this some time ago but forgot (ehh getting old).

How do you guys play it? Some equipment tokens (guns) add a Combat Value bonus. Like the Shocktruppen's MP 40 which says:
"Thanks to its rapid-firing cadence, the MP40 adds a 1-point bonus to the Current Combat
Value of its firer.

I can ofc understand that a marvelous gun can allow someone to be a better killer (more precise shooting etc) but....

"2. How do I make a Combat Roll?
In Standard Combat (i.e., any combat other than Hand-to-Hand):
Your character’s Current Combat Value is the number of dice in
your dice pool.
The Current Combat Value of your targeted enemy is your Difficulty
." the hell can a gun help someone avoid beign shot?

Do you use this "bonus" as it is written and ad it for both attacking and "defending" or simply just for shoting?

I understand that some areas provide Combat Value bonus as well but I imagine them as special places that provide also some extra cover. Imagining that a carried gun denefends you from getting a bullet I cannot....

I took it as +1 to combat score when shooting and +1 in the case of a counter attack. Basically all that fire your laying down is keeping the enemies head down and making you hard to hit with return fire?

You only apply bonuses during a Combat Roll, this is stated in each weapon type on page 22 of the rules. It never effects your Difficulty Score, so no bonus for Counterattacks either.

Well littlewars the book (page 22) says:
"The increased firing cadence on certain Automatic Weapons allows the
character to add a bonus to his Current Combat Value.
" - Automatic Weapons

Perhaps you ment the Close Combat Weapons:
"The precision of certain Close Combat Weapons adds bonuses to dice
rolled during Combat Rolls."

Still not the same and so I wanted to know how you play it smile Sounded crazy.

There is a diffence between "Combat Value bonus" and a "dice-roll bonus" - gave me some problems in he beginning as well neureal (Combat Value increases your dice poll which you use when attacking, the bonus affects the rolls)

Good point Yoshi. I didn't answer your post very well. To clarify:

• Some weapons add a bonus to the number rolled on each die in a Combat Roll.
• Some weapons add a bonus to your current Combat Value, thus you roll an extra die.

Someone on BGG suggested that either bonus, statistically, provides a similar outcome. I'm no mathamagician so I can't comment.

How we play any gun Combat Bonus:

• They are only applied in Combat Rolls. Combat Rolls are defined in the Glossary as the attacker's Action.
• They are not applied when defending and do not effect the Difficulty Score.

In the case of Automatic Weapons, it does state that it effects your current Combat Value. This would effect the Difficulty Score. That being said, we don't apply the bonus if you are the target of an attack. This is covered in the ToY FAQ; Do weapons give bonuses to defence?

In short, we only apply bonuses when you attack.

Indeed. Now I see that I have missed that in the FAQ (after reading half of the questions I simply quit - ppl seem to ask about almost obvious stuff (and don't read the manual!)).

Yoshi wrote:
Indeed. Now I see that I have missed that in the FAQ (after reading half of the questions I simply quit - ppl seem to ask about almost obvious stuff (and don't read the manual!).

Obvious yes, However they may still be frequently asked!
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