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HELP - Black Veil/Sail PDF

Does anyone have a copy of the Black Veil/Sail PDF with the Union graphics?

ToY's site is dead, so I need someone to upload it to a hosting site, anyone?

Sent you a copy via email ...

Was Erzsebet ever awarded?
I only have the Tannhäuser "TBA" back for that ...

Thanks Malechi, I'll check my email.

Erzsebet was never awarded, but scores were kept for that campaign.

I asked on the Black Sheep Forum if anyone knew the final score.

Cool. It would be nice to, at least 'unofficially', award the Token to the correct faction!

Aebsol and Plageman confirmed the final scores:

Erszebet Campaign total:

Union: 436
Reich: 284
Matriarchy 440

Plus the score of the Battle For The Web V:

Union: 71
Reich: 52
Matriarchy: 98

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