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Hey Doc or Littlewars, Over Here!!!

I would to contribute to Tannhauser Tuesday.  

Here is my concepts, just opening it up for brainstorming.

A Corrupted Valkyrie that is enticed to the Reich’s with the promise of a never-ending battle.  She would have a special item that can raise a dead character once per turn.

I thought of this while thinking about an amphibious map and scenario.  A water sprite, a Nix, that could combat the Union underwater.  She would lure enemy into traps.

A British or French Soldier turn revenant, that is seeking revenge on the Reich for the brutal death he suffered at the hands of the Reich.  

Thanks for the consideration,
Doc Savage

This is what I would say to any of you out there interested in contributing...

I would absolutely consider your ideas for Tannhauser Tuesday. However, both littlewars and I are very busy people and have lots of ideas of our own, so if you want to contribute, you have to do all the design and execution of your idea. It is fine to get feedback of stats and powers here or on FFGs site, but the finished final art has to premiere on Savage Tales. I would be happy to give feedback. Occasionally others like the ideas enough to help execute them.

As far as these specific ideas, I like the third one the best. Zombie Hero for the Union.

The first one is OK, but this sounds like a specific scenario where one player is the Valkyrie, playing against the other player.

The second one - I don't think FFG is making an underwater map any time soon. If you do, I'm interested. New maps are great, but I am only aware of 3 custom maps.

I put a little custom building kit together on Savage Tales that you can use:

If anyone wants to contribute, it's a good tool to get your ideas together.

Like Doc said, we already have a bunch of ideas for stuff, and we simply don't have the time to execute everyone's ideas.

We are willing to host and help!

Thanks,  I just wanted to figure out how to get the ball rolling.  You guys have done a lot of work and have made it easier for others to create material.

Keep up the good work,

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