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Hi Guys !!

Just saying hello thanks to a link via the Tannhauser forum over on BGG. I only found out about Tannhauser when I was at GameCon '09 in Manchester the other weekend. One of the traders had the game and Novgorod expansion on sale (no I didn't buy Novgorod - my wife would have killed me for spending a ton!!). What attracted this forty something, boardgamer, occasional RPGer, occasional CCGer, videogamer to Tannhauser? OK big , spiffy looking box with great atrwork? - CHECK. Beautiful looking maps according to back of box? - CHECK. Painted minis? - CHECK. Kind of Indy Jones Lost ark type theme? - CHECK. Hot German chick in tight outfit with whip? - CHECK  happydance  50? erm OK...bugger  twisted  

Then I read some reviews over on BGG - oh dear, not well liked. Then I read other reviews - cool game!
I haven't actually played it yet, only going through the rules and forums like this one, just getting into the swing of the game you might say. However, I've got Ramirez and Gorgei, with Yula on the way thanks to ebay.. looking forward to picking up Novgorod, Daedalus and Wolf...and ACTUALLY PLAYING  


Welcome, hope to see you around often.

If you have any questions just ask.

What is it with the rise of interest among the English?

Lots of people from the UK playing tannhauser.
guess I'm living in the wrong nation.


well i dont get whats not to like its a great game, and im glad you found it smile

Sudden interest? Perhaps a few more distributors are selling Tannhauser over here?  confused

Thanks for the welcome guys!


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