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HI ALL!! i want to make my own a ww2 superhero like captain america, bucky or sub-mariner (since i have the hero clix) and villians like baron zemo, strucker and red skull....the question is....HOW do i figure the STATS for the characters? ie Movement, heatlh, etc....
ANY help would be greatly appreciated! so impressed by your customs fellow gamers!!

Well I lot is trial and error, as you don't want to make them sooo powerful they win really easy, one tip I would say, until younget a feel for the character you want, is to use the stats of a hero for example and spend your time on creating a good few packs to complement them, which will have there special powers in.
I would have answered you on fry, but as I'm on my iPad it doesn't like typing on that site for some reason?

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Doc Savage answered you question perfectly over at

Best thing to do is compare stats to current units.

Example I would give Cpt. America

Combat 5/5/4/4
Defense 6/5/5/4
Command 4/3/3/2
Speed 7/6/5/5

Then come up with weapon packs. Find a nice balance in the game.

Special equipment

American Spirit - At any time during the game Captain America's combat value is 7 for the remainder of the turn. Discard this token.

Combat Pack -

Shield (not sure if there is a specific name for it) weapon - hand to hand

Always removes 1 wound an attack except mental attacks. When attacked by a hand to hand attack player reduces dice pool by 1 die.

Super Natural Strength - Rules in rule book

3rd object unknown

Stamina Pack -

Shield (rules above)

Adrenalin/reflexes - Discard this token when making a shock roll. Roll 5 dice. This can not be used against a counter attack.

Endurance - Always use the highest stamina value when making a shock roll. Got this idea from this site

Command Pack -

Shield - rules above

token - N/A

Token - N/A

I don't know much about Cpt. America, but didn't he chuck his shield at people? May add a rule "Place this token on the space occupied by a enemy unit. deal 1 automatic wound?" Can only be used by captain America.

After creating stats and tokens. Play test them and see if there is a balance among them.
Doc Savage

Your options-

You also may decide to make a group of super powered customs that don't work with the regular units and only are balanced to other super teams.

Or you could do what I did with Hellboy and just give the team one less character.

Or you could make a team that plays well against 2 regular Tann teams.

I haven't played enough with the new rules to see how the de-powering of the automatic weapons affects the balance. No auto-kills changes a lot.

Make up a bunch of stuff and give it a try. Change what isn't working. Forum Index -> The Lab
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