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Excellent work on this forum. The resources are stunning! I was curious, have any of you played Hybrid, the tactical boardgame by WG produced by Rackham? I'd not seen it mentioned, but I figured there must be some fans of it here.

It is a watershed game for me personally; rich with challenge and reward and the miniatures are amazing.


Hi epilgrim,
I remember some of your Hybrid work from the Confrontation Forum.

Hybrid/Nemesis is a great game with luscious production values and incredible miniatures. You could also use some of the CoAR prepainted plastics too. Plenty of variation and replay value. Maybe a bit fiddly with setting up and smaller counters but the few games my wife & I have played were great fun.

Shame they never released a delux Hybrid/Nemesis pack including all the CryHavoc extra senarios,  campaigns, cards and battle report.

thanks for remembering!

If your interested all of the material I translated is being hoseted over on the UKcord forum. I still have the permission to distribute the english language re-write and the extra stuff keeps Hybrid fresh.

Tannhauser is a great follow up and I love the enthusiam of the contributors here.

PLayed this game dozens of times and have a page dedicated to the game. Best tactical, adventuring combat game IMO. Fantastic mini's, art and uniques rules.

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