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I'm New Here Thread

Figured I would throw one of these threads in here.

Hi, I'm Malechi and a fan of Tannhäuser, I own the original, Yula and Wolf although I have yet to actually play the game ...

I have created or assisted others on their supplements for Tannhäuser. For a full list see THIS thread.
Doc Savage

Doc Savage

Hi, my name is Doc Savage and I'm a Tann-aholic... I like to make stuff for games I hardly ever get to play...

I live in Burbank, CA and I am looking to get a game group together for a once a month Tannhäuser , Last Night on Earth, etc play sessions...

Hi, My name is John I started this free forum host because I did not like FFGs "new" forum.

The ads suck but after a while you no longer notice them, unless they are the really reaaly odd ones  icon_razz.gif

I love to play board games, have not played a board game in about 14 weeks do to school and family health problems  icon_cry.gif , but will be playing on my bunker map this Saturday. I normally play Tannhauser 2 times a week.  foxes_207.gif

tomodachi6874 reporting in. Don't play much - it's not much fun playing on your own - waiting for my kids to get a bit older before I can fully corrupt them into something other snakes and ladders.

ATE here, general lurker and want-a-be custom creator. Hope to find someway to run TH in story mode as a campaign. Would like to find a way of maybe even translating the dynamics of the game into something I can use for Shadowrun.

littlewars reporting for duty.

Tannhauser is in my game group's heavy rotation along with Dust, Last Night On Earth, Touch Of Evil, Monsters Menace America, and Wargame Foundry's Streetfight skirmish rules.
Scottie Wolfe

Scottie Wolfe here.  Local translator and scenario writer.  Member on the French boards as well , so hopefully I can act as a liaison in some way just like Plageman.

Keep an eye open on my website, for my latest scenarios.

Other games I play: Arkham Horror, DOOM, Murder City, Atmosfear, Bang!, Axis $ Allies, Anima, Betryal at House on the Hill... and more.

You are indeed a great member to have scottie, wish you, Mal, LW, and Doc played some of the other games I did, would love to see what you guys come up with  eek

The_SunDance_Kid wrote:
You are indeed a great member to have scottie, wish you, Mal, LW, and Doc played some of the other games I did, would love to see what you guys come up with  eek

Check my BGG profile (Malechi), I have something for most of them ...  twisted

Grenadier - I was active on the very old FFG forums when Tannhauser was announced because I was looking for some kind of WW1-2ish German minis on a 25mm scale to go with a personal project of mine with my DnD/SW minis and the mere possibilities of this game intrigued the hell out of me.

Sadly, that all began to slow down when realization hit of how long it was taking to get here. The lack of response in my area when I showcased at my FLGS and FFG's inability to release the imported product at a decent time led to a long lull in my active participation around the time of Novgorod's announcement.

Now that Novgorod is FINALLY here, I have begun to dig through alot of the Tannhauser community and have been very surprised with what I have seen. My thanks goes out to people like Doc Savage and littlewars and the myriad of others I don't know about for keeping the game going on a fan-based level. I definitely want to try out Moeller's Hermetica since I own all the minis already.

I live in Cookeville, TN and I will probably be trying to get the game started again with Novgorod and I hope that even if official support for this game seems to be slow, the potential with the fan-base will make up for it in the future. Forum Index -> The Pub
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