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Doc Savage

If you are wondering where I have been....

I have been writing and the fruits of my labor are published today! I wrote a 15,000 word Green Lama adventure entitled, "The Studio Specter," and today it is unleashed by Airship 27 Productions and Cornerstone Books. The initial release is on Cornerstone's P.O.D. site and a subsequent release will be sold at Amazon and will be available for ordering at all major bookstores.

You can buy it here:

I assume your story follows the original Green Lama Jethro Dumont and not the more recent incarnation of Gordon Dumont ...
Doc Savage

You are correct - Airship 27 specializes in original and public domain pulp characters. The Green Lama is public domain... There are 3 stories in the volume and the longest one, Terror in Clay (not my story) is a knockout; really, really good... Forum Index -> The Pub
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