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Deciphered Tokens
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What are these tokens?
The Minotaurs Equipment and special rules.
*NEW* Unofficial: Erzsébet JPC Victory May - August 2009
*NEW* Unofficial: Minoan Campaign Medal Cmpgn Spcl May 2009
Complete List of Online Tokens
Official: Wolftrap TotM October 2007 *REVISED*
Unofficial: Staff Sergeant JPC BftW I Sept - Oct 2007
Unofficial: Twin Strike TotM December 2007
Unofficial: Teletypewriter JPC Victory Sept - Oct 2007
Unofficial: Freemasons JPC Victory March - April 2007
Unofficial: Backstab TotM November 2007
Official: Sten Mark II Holiday Special New Year's Day 2007
Official: Presidential Unit Citation TotM May 2007
Official: Section Kaos TotM July 2007
Official: Boxing TotM March 2007
Official: Iikaah TotM February 2007
Official: Eye of Horus TotM January 2007
Official: The Tribune JPC Victory July - August 2007
Official: Obscura Korps’ Band TotM July 2007
Official: Trench Gun TotM June 2007
Official: Get Outta Here! TotM September 2007
Official: Helm of Diomedes JPC Victory March - April 2007
Unofficial: M5 Special TotM February 2009
Unofficial: Black Veil JPC Victory Token 01-04 '09 *Revised*
Unofficial: Tesla Surge Generator TotM January 2009
Official: BA-29c TotM August 2007
Official: A.A.A. JPC Victory Token May-June 2007
Official: Merry Christmas Holiday Special Christmas 2007
Official: Trick or Treat Mask Holiday Special Halloween 2007
Unofficial: The Hospital of Beaune 1 Shot Special June 2008
Unofficial: Ikarus Faith JPC Victory Jan-March 2008
Unofficial: De Profundis JPC BftW Xmas Contest December 2008
Unofficial: Fatal Beauty TotM January 2008
Official: N.O.S. TotM February 2008 (Updated)
Unofficial: Curse of Ozo TotM March 2008
Unofficial: Purple Heart JPC BftW II February 2008
Unofficial: Heroes of Tchour TotM April 2008
Unofficial: Glyph of Dee JPC Victory Apr-June 2008
Unofficial: Wunderstahl TotM May 2008
Unofficial: Sergeant 4th Grade JPC BftW III April-June 2008
Unofficial: Kaali Version 2 TotM June 2008
Unofficial: .54 Caliber Walker Colt TotM July 2008
Unofficial: Mechanized Arm TotM August 2008
Unofficial: Ivana Ivanovitch TotM Sept 2008
Unofficial: Sweetheart of the Month TotM October 2008
Unofficial: Arsenal JPC Victory July-Sept '08
Unofficial: Burn Baby Burn! TotM Dec 2008
Unofficial: Ariadne's Thread JPC Victory Oct-Dec 2008
Unofficial: Zuckermensh TotM November 2008
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