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Patmos Amulet vs. Medal of Honour

How does it work excacly? Which one does have the priority?

The Patmos Amulet states that the character targeted by it will have to use his lowest char values for this activation while the Medal of Honour says that I can use the highest stats (regardles of the health level)....

So how exacly is it?

I think it's a timing issue, as Medal Of Honor can be used at any time - you just have to declare its use.

I'm guessing if you first declared it's use and then you were Attacked and lost the Mental Duel (and MacNeal had not yet Activated), you are screwed: you are stuck with the lowest stats for your Sequence (but not the whole Turn, Patmos only takes effect for a Sequence). After MacNeal's Sequence, for the rest of the Turn he would be at his max again.

If you lost the Mental Duel (and MacNeal had not Activated), and you declared it's use after the Duel, you would then boost MacNeal's stats back up to their max for the rest of the Turn.

Off the top of my head, that's how I would handle it, not 100% sure as we haven't run into this situation yet.

Well that's how we do it but still not sure if it's right smile Hoped that there would be something about it in the official FAQ'u but seems not so many ppl had that problem neureal

Any other solutions/explenations?

OK, this has been bugging me and I did some digging:

On the french forums (page 13, the Patmos Amulet thread, page 3) designer William Grosselin states that in the case of Patmos vs Medal Of Honor, the effects are applied in order that they are played. So the most recently played token has the priority.

I was on the right track but I overcomplicated it.

Now that's doing some reserch ^^

Now I can be sure how to use them both smile Thanks alot. Forum Index -> Basic Training
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