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Hi people,

I'm Plageman, the regulars from ye old FFG forum may remember me from there  wink  I'm also the "owner" of the Black sheep Archives resource website.

The last few months I've been a little off forums due to a lot of changes in my personal life, the most important being changing of job. Since I switched, my available time melted like snow in spring but that doesn't mean I have abandoned the community, its just that I have less time to work on my pet projects.  cool

Speaking of these, here is the short in no particular order:
- Finishing the update of the BSA files to the "new" layout;
- Developing of a French Tannhäuser non-official RPG;
- Continue the development of non official revision of the boards game;
- Rework the whole BSA so to allow other contributors to update it.

As a gamer, I play RPGs since 1989 having discovered these through the choose-your-own-adventure books from the mid-80s. The first one I owned was "The Talisman of Death" from the Fighting Fantasy series. After that I played many different kind of RPG ranging from D&D to Legend of the Five Rings, passing by Torg, Star Wars and Call of Cthulhu.

And of course i play Tannhäuser.  happydance

Welcome back to this side of the Atlantic! Hope to see some updates on BSA.

took ya long enough to get here


welcome Indeed

Hope you can spend more time here smile
Doc Savage

Welcome Plageman

Glad to see you here!

I too played Call of Cthulhu in the early days. Just the other day I found the original gox set filled with many expansion books and notes of my own stuff. I, of course, was the referee...

I am long out of the rpg scene, but I guess that's why I like Tannhauser and Heroscape - getting the combat without all the story...

Hope all is well with the changes in your life.

As for me, I am still recklessly outputting new stuff without much time for editorial revision...

I'm running Call of Cthulhu every Tuesday night for my son, his gf and friends.

Gotta get the next generation hooked on pen and paper rpgs twisted Forum Index -> The Pub
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