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Revised Ikarus Faith is up!

Version 1.6 of Ikarus Faith is available at Savage Tales .

If you're still intersted we can work on the 2.0 version.  razz

Welcome back Plageman! I knew you'd be back. Seems like alot of players that have been absent have recently returned to the fold.

I'm looking forward to the updated BSA site and I'm always willing to lend a hand. I have a lengthy "to do" list of Tannhauser stuff,  but there is always room for Ikarus. In my group, he's been getting as much play as Wolf!

First impressions: His initial combat Value of 7 is too high.
The only other character with a 7 in CV is Zor'ka, and she is a God.
Then there is his equipment, giving a character a piece of equipment that gives him a CV of 8 is over the top, especially considering that he deals autowounds with his weapon.

I like the idea of a new character but I would never allow my opponent to play with this character, he is simply waaaay to powerful.

Ikarus suffers from "my favorite character" syndrome, he's unbalanced and looks like he's been given equipment and stats completely without regard for the existing heroes.

Anyway, I don't mean to bring the creators down, I'm just saying he should be toned down a bit.


Thanks for the input. He's worked out pretty good in the games we played.

Though intimidating, he can be killed as easily as anyone else (other than Zor'ka, she is hard to kill).

He is 8 Combat Value in HtH attacks only (obviously, stay away from him and shoot him).

Autokill requires 2 successful attacks, the target can soak the initial attack with good shock rolls. They also take no wounds, so it's far from guaranteed, or over the top.

If he battles a standard character with 5 in combat in hand to hand the statistics look like this:

Ikarus hits: 8 dice who need to beat a 5. Thats a 50% chance of hitting pr die, meaning he'll get 4 hits in with his stiletto.
The defender rolls his shock roll, he needs to get 9's on 5 dice (if he has a health of 5) thats 2/10's on each die times 5. This means he'll get 1 or two successes and it's closer to 1.
With autokill that means that Ikarus can kill almost all characters with about 90% certainty pr attack.

When he shoots he has a combat value of 7 and a plus one to each die with his gun.
Shooting at an average guy with a combat value of 5 he'll get 3 or 4 successes pr attack and the guy with 5 in health will shock 1 or 2 against the seven, again almost guaranteed to deal damage unless opponent has a tesla coil or something.

7 in combat is too much as a stat. Wolf is great because he has 6 and gains +1/+1 with Freiheit. It might look the same but it isn't because the shockroll against Wolf is only 8's and not 9's and it's on his automatic gun so he needs range as well.

Wolf in hand to hand has 6 dice meaning he'll hit with 3, and his knife gives him an auto sucess if he hits.
Thats 4 wounds. A guy with 5 in Health will shock 2 or 3 of those wounds and thus only take 1 or 2 wounds from the attack.

It's acually my gripes with Zor'ka i'm adressing here as well. A statistic of 7 is too much in a game where you use 10 sided dice, I can live with Zor'ka because the entire team is build up around her and the effectiveness of the other characters aren't stunning, but Ikarus will add both some of the best firepower in the game and the absolute best hand to hand combat in the game to the force he's fighting for for 1 VP.

I just feel that his stats shift the balance to much.


Noted! A good critique, though a play-tested impression would be great too.

The statistical odds don't jibe with my experience of the gameplay.

And the reason the statistics doesn't fit is that I've been playing the game wrong  Banghead

It's been 2 years since I even looked at the rules, so we just defaulted to combat value needing to beat combat value, I completely forgot that it needs to EQUAL or beat, making 7 a much less devastating number.

Sorry about that, I need to give Ikarus a chance and I will immidiately begin sculpting a mini to represent him smile


I thought something was wonky, but I assumed it was because I'm lousy with numbers.  wink Forum Index -> The Lab
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