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Could someone give me a couple of examples of how Shanara works?

The way I'm interpreting it gives it auto kill in all but the most exceptional circumstances evil


Well the rulebook says:

"Choose an adversary located on the Generalís Path. A Mental Duel is declared. If HeÔzinger loses, there is no effect.
If he wins, the victim is immolated and receives as many wounds as HeÔzinger rolled successes, without being able to use a Shock Roll to reduce damage."

So it simply means when you target a character with that artefact you just need to wind the duel (which is simple with 6 dice vs. 3-4) And if the roll was good it will kill the target (3 successes takes down a trooper and 4 a hero).

A very nice thingy ^^

Hi yoshi and welcome to the forum - and thanks for replying

I'm still a little vague as to what successes mean in the context of Shanara.

I'll give an example:-

Heizinger is up against MacNeil and decides to Burn Him!

Heizinger has †mental value of 6 and Macneil of 4. †Heizinger rolls 7, 6, 4, 4, 4, and 3 and MacNeil rolls 7, 6, 3 and 2. †MacNeil cancels two of the successes - but still loses the duel. †The question is does he suffer five wounds (Heizinger's successes) or three (Heizinger's uncancelled successes)?

In the first instance MacNeil is toast  - in the second he's alive (barely).

The trouble is - you see - that if Shanara is as powerful as the first example would imply - I can't see any way I would leave it out, taking any other packs, as it acts as an auto kill on more than 90% of occasions even against the strongest mental value of the Union.



Yoshi is correct. There is a thread on Mental Duels the ToY forum with some feedback from the game designer, William Grosselin.

Basically it is a win or lose situation. If you win the duel you apply the effect. The loser does not "soak" damage like when they make a Shock Roll.

So in Nhoj's example: Heizinger wins with 5 successes, MacNeal loses with 2 successes (these do not cancel any of Heizinger's rolls). MacNeal suffers 5 Wounds! Like Yoshi said, you need to win with 3-4 successes for it to kill an opponent.

Sha-na-ra is powerful but it is one use, and it does continue to occupy the slot (flip it).

Thanks both

I guess I'm going to have to change my union tactics, perhaps 'medal of honor' might help and isn't there a bonus counter which forces the enemy to use a different pack? Forum Index -> Basic Training
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