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Silent Storm

Have you ever played this interesting game? This is very similar to Tannhauser mechanics. This is turnbased tactics game.

Here is the link:

Scottie Wolfe

Wow, that actually looks pretty cool man!  I can't believe I've never heard of this...  looks like something I would become obsessed with lol
Doc Savage

The Panzerkleins (power armor) have a very SF3D feel.

SF3D was a line of japanese model kits (and a board game) from 1982 - 1986. It started as a series of articles in Hobby Japan Magazine, but Nitto models soon made them as kits. I picked up the SF3D boardgame at a convention in the early '80s. Much of the Weird War II stuff owes its inspiration directly or indirectly to SF3D.

When Empire Strike Back came out there was a lot of talk about the walkers and how cool and new and different they were, but I had already seen walkers in Hobby Japan magazine...

Yes, this is really great game! It was made by russian developer Nival. The most cool thing in this game - you can destruct everything (any object on the map). And it is turn-based!

There are also add-ons: Silent Strom: Sentinels and Hammer & Sickle

The link to Nival site (there is full description of these 3 games):

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