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Space Hulk in my Pocket

Space Hulk in my Pocket

Based on the game Space Hulk, utilizing images from all three versions. SHimP includes 18 Incident cards, 12 Command Deck tiles and 11 Catwalk tiles along with everything you will need to play (Rules, Counter Cards, Miniatures and Counter Tokens).

The Mission Book includes 5 different ways to play utilizing different sets of cards and tiles. Each describing a different play style, including the basic ‘ZimP in Space’ style of play; how to use different tiles and cards to create different missions; as well as a two player version.

You better pick up the free download soon HERE before Games Workshop places a C&D on the download (so far almost 500 downloads in the last week) ...

Excellent! I used to enjoy Space Hulk 1st Ed. so I'm looking forward to trying an iMP version! Take that GW wink

Excellent work as always! It is stuff like this that reminds me that gaming is a hobby, and not a treadmill.

My own Space Hulk set is all home made, using the tiles from 2nd edition and rules from the 1st edition.

For figures I used Ground Zero Games 15mm "Xenomorphs" and Marines to make it more "Alien" - like. We also use a fourth player "Predator" faction that employs some of the funkier weapons featured in the later supplements.

I wouldn't trade my home made version for any edition of the official releases, it is a thing of beauty.

very cool, cheers, i liked the original, but didnt want the new £60 pounds worth, so this is fun smile

I payed 140 bucks for my copy of 3rd edition.

I'm so cool.  neureal

very cool, cheers, i liked the original, but didnt want the new , as i already have the third edition of it. Forum Index -> Board Games and Card Games
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