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Well 1st thing you equip all the Voivods with M9 and teh ability to cancel 1 point of movement penalty. Then you run like hell towards the enemy (can be in turns, one Voivod at a time) and send blasts from the Magifier through them. If you get bored after few games then simply try to kill someone with your other miniatures smile
Doc Savage

Concise analysis, Yoshi. Are they really that powerful?

Doc Savage wrote:
Concise analysis, Yoshi. Are they really that powerful?

that can be.

I like to use buddy system with 'em

and back 'em up with Irina.

Well Doc I haven't seen them in action but that shocked me the 1st time I read the Matriarchy characters. I can be wrong but that's the way I see them at the moment.

I'm splitting hairs here, but there are only 2 Denitsa tokens, so equipping all the Voivods isn't possible. You could use Tchour instead.

Also it would depend on successful Initiative Rolls to reach an opponent, and the Voivods only possess 1 row of values, making them quite fragile. They also cannot return as Reinforcements in any game mode.

True. Although I wasn't aware that there are only 2 of the "movement" tokens included.

They may be fragile but you can repair the damn things!

And while they go ahead you still have 3 nice heroes that can do some damage too!

1) You use Irina as a tank (she can cancel 2 successful attack rolls each attack!) - sounds like a hard gal to kill.

2) Next is Irishka with her Smiljan Module - she puts it on the ground and leaves the area. That makes another way for the Matriarchy to send attacks with Zor'ka's Magnifier.

Not to mention her Kaali which combined with other energetic weapons (like the Magnifier again) does 2 automatic wounds! Taht means you simply need to dead just 2 wounds yourself.

She can also summon Voivods with her Summoning Module - imagine, you run with the voivod, kill someone with the Magnifier and then get back in an intant where you are needed. I know it takes time (Irishka must be activated and use her Action Phase to set the module on the ground. But you can do that in the 1st turn when there's nothing to do and send the Voivod the other way)

3) Lastly it's Zor'ka her(it?)self. The dreaded Magnifier damaging everyone on the same path! If the enemy player does something stupid (and we do that all the time) then you might kill multiple characters with just 1 sweep! And if you wait a bit for a good moment then you use the Awakening to increase Zor'ka's Combat Value to 9! and run to your enemies (good syou cannot spend VP to add movement) or simply the path they are on. Then you attack them all with 9 dice! That's crazy! No one can survive such an attack since Zor'ka also takes 1 point of victim's Staminia (so you can have max like 5 dice against 9). If only (hah) 6 out of the 9 dice hit then how many will cancel Zor'ka's hits? You need a 9 to cancel them. So I say max 1-2. That still makes 4 wounds and no Ring of Tages, First-aid Kit or Victory Points will save you.
I understand that Zor'ka is then immobilized for a whole turn (not allowed an Action Phase even) but still.... that attack can win you the game.

And remember that you can send 1 Voivod with Zor'ka to cancel wounds!

This all is still theoretical but scares me neureal

A wonderful analysis Yoshi. I am looking forward to another game with the Matriarchy.

*shrugs* Matriarchy's waaaaaaay to powerfull. Forum Index -> Tactics Board
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