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Voivodes and initiative.

Hey all.
My brother and I came upon this rules question and I couldn't find a good answer in the rulebook (novgorod) and I don't read french, so I hope you can help me out.

It's about the Voivodes and initiative.

The rules state that two Voivodes need to be down to add +1 to ini, (which I understand, both of the voivodes on the card must be out for +1) However it also states that repaired drones do NOT count when adding +1.
And now for the question.

Zor'kas' crazy "drone revival" power (that I cannot remeber the name of now) doesn't say "repair" the Voivodes, but introduces a brand new term: "Reassemble"... so, whats the difference between the two?
If Zor'ka reassemble the voivodes they count as a +1?

Thats all.

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