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Doc Savage

Watchmen - NO Spoilers Thread

Who has watched the WATCHMEN?

I was at a family reunion, so I still have not seen it.

What say you?

Re: Watchmen - NO Spoilers Thread

Doc Savage wrote:
Who has watched the WATCHMEN?

I was at a family reunion, so I still have not seen it.

What say you?

It was good in my opinion.

though it was ruined by a guy who kept talking and making comments during the movie.

Banghead  evil

Haven't seen it yet.

ad Sun.

Imagine mate - I went to LOTR' night (1st part extended - 3,5h, 2nd part extended - 3,5h, 3rd part norlam - 3h) and for the whole time I heard 2 blondies sitting two rows in front of me laughing like hell. It wasn't a laughter, that was something more like a shreek. I was wondering when they will reach such a frequency that I will (out of my will) piss myself! 10h with 2 morons and what can you do? The staff was drunk or unreachable and you won't hit a "lady" - well not while beign sober neureal Normally I simply ask them to shut up (and with my looks it's doing just great :D) but when you're stupid then man you're stupid neureal

There should be a sign "no dogs, cats and retarted "laughing like hell" blondies allowed"!


I thought it was very faithful with one change that made sense in the context of the film format. With most movies today, the trick is to set your expectations low. I'm a huge Alan Moore fan btw.

I was expecting the worst as I didn't enjoy 300. I guess that's due to it being based on a comic by Frank Miller, who I am not fond of. That's a guy who has been "phoning it in" since the eighties.
Scottie Wolfe

Luckily I decided to hold off on reading the comic until AFTER I saw the movie, so I wouldn't get all anal about changes.

As my first Watchmen experience, I truly enjoyed the film.  You can tell, though, that did they cut a lot out.  They are supposed to release the Director's Cut in theatres this summer (clockin in at 4hr15mins), so I am definitely going to check it out!  Anyways, it was a great film.

Just started reading the comic and so far the movie is pretty faithful.  I know the ending is different from the movie, but I'll have to admit... the movie ending seems to make more sense to me.  It's less... bizarre and creates a slight element of tragedy that I don't see present in the comic's ending.  I'll probably get flamed for saying that... but yeah, those are my two cents.
Doc Savage

Still haven't been able to get to the theater.... AHHHHHHH!!! Forum Index -> The Pub
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