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Weird War OGRE Redesign

This is freakin cool!

An amazing OGRE Redesign on BGG.

More coolness!

Malechi has made some great custom units for this.

This stuff totally scratches my recent "hex and counter" itch!

If you haven't checked out the goodness, the rules and components are now available at BGG.

There are also some alternate Weird War OGREs and a scenario available there.

Who knows how long till SJ Games notices this...

Thanks littlewars for pointing this out!

Kwanchai's Ogre Redesign is absolutely fan-freakin'-tasic! (does not require OGRE to play this has all needed parts and if you haven't played OGRE it was one of the best microgames except for TFT in my opinion).

I originally was just going to add Motorcycles to the Armor Units in the redesign. However, Kwanchai made the mistake of adding a Katzetruppen token which opened the door for me to add odd items. So utilizing pulp ideas we discuss here, I added Zombified Infantry and Abombanimals for the Germans. Rocketmen for the Americans. I am currently putting together a Russian Faction which will add Hover Corps and Armor Corps tokens (still in the creation process) ...

American and German Additions:

Currently Finished Russian Tokens:

littlewars wrote:
Who knows how long till SJ Games notices this...

I have been wondering about this also! I know SJG makes GW look like the French in WWII ewhen it comes to any perceived copyright infringement due to his start with Metagaming and his legal battle to keep the rights to OGRE when he left!

This looks quite interesting. Where can I buy the game at?

The_SunDance_Kid wrote:
This looks quite interesting. Where can I buy the game at?

The original OGRE has been out of print (again) for years. SJG was setting up for a re-release, but ran into logistical problems (I would assume cash flow). Kwanchai's Ogre Redesign is available on BGG as a print and play under OGRE Files and in his original form plays exactly like OGRE only in a WWII setting rather than 75 years in the future (it used to be 110 years but the game has been around since 1977). My additions are much more ... um .... esoteric in their pulp origins (except for the Motorcycle being a substitute for the Light GEV the other additions I created have no basis on OGRE pieces).

Note: I was checking SJG OGRE Forum and Kwanchai's Ogre Redesign has been noted there since the 19th of April. So I would expect this to be gone from BGG soon as it is OGRE simply re-themed.

cool. how do you do the artwork?

Kwanchai actually draws his and that is why his differs from mine as I utilize Photoshop and a weird freaky brain ... Actually, I haven't drawn in years so I do it much like I did my avatar; I do a hand via mouse drawn Cool World-like animation style over photographs ...

Here is a very simple one I did, compiled here in a step by step animation, of The Russian Soldier (He can be seen in the Infantry Tokens above):

This was rather simple as it was taken from a single photo. Many of the token images, like the images I used in Scottie's Tannhäuser Scenario PDFs, are built from multiple photos and then drawn with all the parts assembled.

Malechi wrote:
I do a hand via mouse drawn Cool World-like animation style over photographs.

I think the term is rotoscope, for that style of animation.

Good job!

You are correct sir!

That is amazing!  
Doc Savage

That looks good Malechi - are you using the board you recreated?

Nope. I will definitely be using Kwanchai's new map ...

        Original OGRE    and    Kwanchai's OGRE Redesign

Kwanchai created a perfect skin to go from nuclear wasteland of the original OGRE to European country side for the Weird War OGRE. The craters are replaced by houses; and, the ridge lines have been replaced by tree lines! Forum Index -> Board Games and Card Games
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